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Together with our business partners, we create bold, stable, and long-term partnerships to jointly develop and promote world-class business education. This lets us shape the entrepreneurial attitudes of the future. Thank you for being with us! #ŻelaznyKoźmiński #KozminskiEndowment

First Benefactor of the KU Endowment Fund

Panattoni Europe

We are the largest developer of industrial facilities in Europe.

Distinguished Benefactors

Bank Millennium

Bank Millennium is a nationwide, modern bank offering its services to all market segments through a network of branches, individual advisers, and electronic banking. We make use of the latest banking technology and draw from the best banking practices. We are a digital bank, aiming to become the most customer-oriented bank in Poland offering the most personalised banking services. Our priority is to make customers’ daily lives easier by providing them with user-friendly, easy-to-use financial and non-financial services. The core idea that underlies all the changes we are making is customer-centricity.


ERGO Hestia is a pioneer of the most innovative solutions in the insurance sector. For more than 30 years, it has been a reliable and trustworthy partner offering the highest quality products and services. Each year it provides coverage to more than 3 million individual customers and several hundred thousand companies and businesses.


Agro Artim

Agro Artim was established in 2014 and is a 100% Polish company. It is based in Mława and its core business is purchasing and selling grain, corn, and rapeseed, and providing grain drying and storage services.

Artimex S.A.

Artimex S.A. has been operating in Poland since 2002. At first, the company mainly carried out complex earthworks and prepared sites for construction. For 17 years, we have constructed or managed and supervised the construction of a number of modern grain storage and drying plants, halls or municipal waste processing plants.


We support businesses, communities, and your growth. We will help you achieve what you want as soon as possible.



We are the largest security agency in Poland and part of the international SERIS Group — one of the global leaders in the security market.