Strona główna - About the Foundation

Kozminski University Development Foundation

In order to further develop and support projects carried out as part of the strategic areas of development, following the example of the world’s best universities, we established the Kozminski University Development Foundation, whose main task is to manage the first endowment fund in Polish academia.

The KU Development Foundation was established in May 2023. An endowment fund is a continuously growing pool of funds that are invested, and only the profits made on a given investment are used by the supported to carry out its statutory activities.

The Foundation’s organisational structure and statutes guarantee security of the funds collected in perpetuity and the highest possible level of management transparency. Its investment policy is supervised by a Finance Committee whose members include prominent financial market experts. This way, we secure stable, long-term funding for the university’s future growth.


Our ambition is to attract people with the greatest intellectual and business potential. We want to be the university of choice for students from the Central and Eastern European region and beyond. We aim to make sure that the cost of tuition and maintenance is not a barrier for the most talented. After all, quality education does cost a lot, and a non-public higher education institution doesn’t receive state subsidies. By creating innovative scholarship/grant programmes at various levels of education, we rely on the support of business leaders as well as top companies and organisations.


We want to offer unique development opportunities for scientists, researchers, teachers, and business practitioners. We do this by offering mobility scholarships to enable our staff to gain experience at the best universities in the world and by having foreign academics teach at KU under visiting contracts. Our goal is to become the university of choice not only for students, but also for outstanding academic staff.


We want to carry out innovative and interdisciplinary research projects that respond to the challenges of the modern world. To this end, we need to go beyond the framework of public procurement competitions and grants and continue to act as a research centre supporting original research carried out by outstanding scientists from Poland and the world. We want the university to develop as a leading research centre in the region — a hub for innovation, new trends, and economic concepts, as well as a space for in-depth economic analysis that has an impact on the shape of the socially responsible business of the future.